What Sporting Events Are Happening Today?

The world’s premier sporting events captivate audiences for more than just their exciting matches and dramatic finishes; they serve as an inspiring testament to human spirit that unite people from diverse backgrounds while pushing the limits of human achievement.

American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey and soccer are the five most-watched team sports in America. Each one boasts millions of viewers annually and fully professional leagues as well as being played across college division I campuses and high schools nationwide.

Sports has long been used as an instrument of political activism, social transformation and war. They also play a huge part in American culture and identity. Boxing and college football were two popular spectator sports during the early 20th century; later followed by mixed martial arts (MMA). Both events continue to set attendance and broadcast viewership records each year.

The Olympic Games (Olypiads), organized by the International Olympics Committee (IOC), is an internationally acclaimed multi-sport event held every four years and brought together athletes from around the globe. As an unprecedented international sporting competition that fosters athletes and society alike through sport, these Games provide a platform for world peace as they embody Olympic Charter ideals such as respect, friendship and excellence.

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