Can You Get Travel Tags on Line For Southwest Airlines?

Experience a successful trip with Southwest Airlines by learning the ropes of travel etiquette and saving both time and energy by prepping for it in advance. Enrolling in TSA PreCheck, registering missing information online and knowing baggage guidelines are surefire ways to enhance the enjoyment of any journey.

SAN’s Embroidered Luggage Tag measures 4-11/16″ x 2.5″, fully embroidered with vinyl attachment loop and address card for maximum convenience.

Southwest’s boarding process depends on when and how you check-in for your flight, your boarding group (A, B or C), and when they call your group out: when that time arrives, line up at the appropriate boarding station and wait.

Save time at the airport by digitally checking up to two bags free1 digitally and printing their bag tags at home or a kiosk, plus earning additional rewards points when selecting Wanna Get Away or Wanna Get Away Plus fares.